Barbaric Rites


Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where hulking barbarians and bronzed babes drive t-top Trans Ams through a Frank Frazetta painted landscape, wearing spandex and gold chains, big beyond belief.

Barbaric Rites is about making the deliberate decision to become knuckledraggers made of thick, striated massiveness, or goddesses with long lean muscle carved from steel and sex appeal.

Long hours have been spent destroying ourselves for the hidden craft of hypertrophy, racking our bodies on altars of madness and might. Poring over ancient texts from Abyssal Lords with True Names like Yates, Mentzer, Platz, Schwarzenegger and Zane.

Pumping our bodies full of strange formulae and dead flesh, plants and elixirs from the lands of the lotus-eater and the midnight sun.

We have risked our selves, our souls and bodies, to bring you the Black Arts which we call

"Barbaric Rites."