Barbaric Rites
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Barbarous Bench E-Book


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Imagine tossing three wheels around the gym easier than your sister gets tossed around at a margarita night down at the local dive bar?

Within this gains grimoire are the secrets to developing thick slabs of striated meat that some call "pecs," and using them to press amounts of weight that will make men come beg to spot you, and women simply cum.

Includes a basic history of the bench press, cues for correctly setting up and pressing, troubleshooting weak areas, a program ready to plug straight in to our Barbell Primitive method, and a playlist to get you through even the gnarliest chest sesh.


Image of The Black Book of Hypertrophy
The Black Book of Hypertrophy
Image of Pull-ups and Progression
Pull-ups and Progression
Image of Deadlift For Crom! E-Book
Deadlift For Crom! E-Book
Image of Barbaric Rites Barbell Primitive Program E-Book
Barbaric Rites Barbell Primitive Program E-Book
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